Custom Services | Hand-Tooling | Foil Stamping | Specialty Coatings | ACG Ecopak, Manufactures of Folding Carton and Commercial Printing

ACG | Ecopack, a custom packaging company, is one of just a handful of facilities in the U.S. that has the capabilities and expertise to produce custom printed products and specialty packaging.

We manufacture game board sets and packaging, custom collated cards, and custom printed packaging.

These are some of the options we offer:


  • Packaging Experts & Design Team: Structural design and prototyping services.
  • Fully Integrated CAD/CAM system for Prototyping
  • Digital Prepress System: Proofing and plating services
  • Color Matching
  • Computer-to-plate (CTP) Technology
  • FTP Site: Rapidly upload files to our in-house servers for rapid turnaround.


  • In-house Die Making: Producing dies onsite minimizes cost and production time.
  • State-of-the-Art Die Production with Computerized Knife, Rule Bender and Laser for Unique and Intricate Die-Cutting and Blanking
  • Windowing: Rigid and folding carton
  • Capability to Glue 4 & 6 Corner Beers Trays, Straight Line Gluing of RTE’s, STE’s, Simplex Boxes, and Auto Bottom Boxes.
  • Custom Paper Inserts to Fit your Folding Carton or Rigid Box
  • Rollem Slipstream Card Collator: Cut, score, perforate and collate up to 500,000 pieces in one hour.
    • Custom Collated Cards
    • Trading Cards
    • Playing Cards
    • Game Cards
    • Coupons
    • Business Reply Paid Cards
    • Post Cards
    • Greeting Cards
    • Event Tickets
    • Lottery Tickets
    • Scratch Cards
    • Time Cards
    • Bingo Cards
    • Currency
  • Rigid Box / Set-up Box Types Include Standard Boxes:
    • Hinged Lid
    • Cigar Style
    • Set-up Box with Lid
    • Clamshell Box
    • Set-Up Box with Case
    • Trays
    • Additional to custom styles
  • Folding Cartons: Thousands of styles and custom combinations to fit your needs!


  • 7 Color UV Double Coater printing up to 40” Wide
  • Offset Print Process
  • Inks:All inks are low VOC, renewable bio-based materials suitable for all substrates. Soy-based inks are also available.
  • Printing on Foil Board and a wide variety of custom paper stocks available.
  • Substrate Inventory:
    • CUK
    • SBS
    • Foil Board
    • Recycled paperboards:
      • CCNB
      • CCLB
      • CCKB
      • BC
      • PC
  • Substrate Paperboard Thickness:  .003 to .040 caliper
  • In-house Sheeter: Cutting paperboard in-house allows us to reduce lead-time and cost.
  • Rigid Set-Up Box Manufacturing
    • Smallest Size: 1.5”x 1.125” x .625”
    • Largest Size: 23.625” x 15.75” x 7.48”


  • Foil Stamping / Hot Stamping
  • Embossing / Debossing
  • High Gloss UV
  • Aqueous UV
  • Satin UV
  • Matte UV
  • Spot UV
  • Glitter UV
  • Soft Touch UV


  • Inserts – Paper and Hand Tooling
  • Hand-Work: Specialized craftsmen can hand-work your high-end custom packaging to add unique finishes that are above and beyond the capabilities of machines.
  • Source Tagging: In-line tag application for both check point and sensormatic tags.
  • Packaging for Direct Food Contact Applications and Indirect Food Contact Applications
  • Daily Deliveries/Shipping
  • Security Inks, Label Application and RFID Application
  • Foil Laminates and Metalized Films
  • Custom Box Inserts


  • USA Manufacturer
  • American made
  • Quick Turnaround Time: All manufacturing and finishing done on site, shortening turnaround time.
  • Same Day Estimating and Pricing
  • Certified Quality & Reliability: Certified to meet the demanding requirements of both high quality and availability requirements of leading consumer packaged goods companies like Mattel, Hasbro and Proctor & Gamble.  We consistently exceed our clients’ requirements.
  • Custom Quality Plan:  Our experienced custom product packaging team can personalize a quality plan for your business needs to ensure our packaging exceeds your requirements!

Contact us online or by phone (909) 930-1500 and speak with one of our packaging experts today!